Summer 2016 Secret Beadalong

Though the 'beading-along-together' part is over it's never too late to bead any of my Beadalong patterns and have fun!
People join in every day (and even years later) so do purchase it, dive in and enjoy
If you want a peek at what was made during the Beadalong you can visit the Secret Beadalong Facebook page (you don't need an account to view it) or see some photos on my blog here, here, here, here, here and here

My Summer 2016 beadalong took place between the 30th July and 5th August but can be joined and beaded at any time.

Each day will take around an hour of beading to complete and there will be some preparation beading needed beforehand (the full requirements list and instructions will be sent to you as soon as you sign-up with each day's instructions following on hour by hour afterwards). The requirements list is not complicated and only contains items you should easily be able to find:

  • Seed beads in sizes 15, 11 and 8
  • Bicone crystals
  • Fire-polished beads
  • CzechMates Bricks
  • Mini-Duos

As always the project is a complete secret and is designed as a personal challenge for you. The only knowledge required is circular peyote stitch as everything else will be laid out step-by-step for you. The project is designed for all levels of beader and has brand new components and design ideas perfect to offer something new to any more advanced beaders.


You can also find my other Beadalongs here:



I love to support and encourage individuals who make beadwork so please feel free to use anything you make from these instructions or kit as gifts or to sell to support your bead buying habit!

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