National Beading Week 2016 - Day 4

posted: Tuesday, 02 August 2016

It's Day 4 of National Beading Week and I'm beadily busy today.

My Summer 2016 Secret Beadalong is still going and today CzechMates Bricks were added into the mix for a new batch of 3 beaded beads.

I'm spending most of the day beading, beginning with a visit to Dangerous Beaders (a bead group near me) and then this evening a trip to an event organised for this week by Penny Akester, a jewellery designer and teacher located in London.

When I packed my beading projects for today I was determined to use rivolis from my stash for my new Elica Necklace. But then I found these pastel ones I bought recently at Stitchncraft Beads in my purse...