Virtual Learning

posted: Saturday, 12th September 2020

The best thing to come out of 2020 is the rise of online events for those who can access them.

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Beading Mystery

posted: Friday, 11th September 2020

I love a good mystery and every now & then I get one as suddenly, from out of the blue, a certain pattern, kit or supply will have a flurry of sales.

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Useful Design Tool

posted: Thursday, 10th September 2020

Some days my most useful design tool is a pair of scissors!

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Cornwall 2020

posted: Tuesday, 1st September 2020

What a year we're going through. Words don't even really express the awful, weird time it is.

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More BeJewels Filming

posted: Thursday, 27th August 2020

I've been busy filming today working on BeJewels and so there's been lots of sparkle as well as both big & tiny beads...

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Mostra Project

posted: Wednesday, 26th August 2020

I'm finally revealing some of the new projects I've been busy working on for virtual classes in 2021... and here is Mostra!

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Stallur Project

posted: Tuesday, 25th August 2020

I've been busy working on lots of new projects for virtual classes in 2020 and am finally revealing them... and here is Stallur!

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BeJewels Filming

posted: Monday, 24th August 2020

Having a very sparkly few days as I completely update my BeJewels instructions with new details & variations (anyone who did a class with me don't worry I'll be automatically sending you the update in a few weeks) and also filming them for those who learn better visually (the videos will have...

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Brittle Making

posted: Saturday, 22nd August 2020

I wish you could smell this...

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Chaton Choices

posted: Tuesday, 18th August 2020

Today I'm trying to decide what colour Chatons to add to my other beads from yesterday...

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