Summer 2019 Secret Beadalong Full Instructions Are Ready

posted: Tuesday, 2nd July 2019

I can't believe it's July already!

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Crystal Pagoda Boxes

posted: Monday, 1st July 2019

Finally some news about my very long- awaited beaded boxes book!

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More Beading In Darlington

posted: Sunday, 30th June 2019

Thankfully the heat has dropped down today and the classroom only got to 28 Celsius/ 82 Fahrenheit which was much more conducive to beading, concentrating & learning.

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Heart Of Glass In Darlington

posted: Saturday, 29th June 2019

Phew - we have definitely hit a heatwave in England (thankfully not as bad as much of Europe) but when the temperature hit over 30 Celsius/ 86 Fahrenheit in the classroom today the organiser kindly ran and got us all ice-cream sandwiches and the silence as we all began to cool down and...

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Sparkles On A Train

posted: Friday, 28th June 2019

A long day today finishing with a long train ride but thankfully I have my Yellow Opal 2 x AB Crystal Diamonds kit with me to keep me occupied.

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Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019

posted: Tuesday, 25th June 2019

I've written before about my love for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and today was the day I got to go this year.

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Screen-Printing With Dan Mather

posted: Monday, 24th June 2019

It's probably 20 years since I last did any screen-printing but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do some with Dan Mather at Fedrigoni.

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Tanzee Designs

posted: Wednesday, 19th June 2019

My first visit to Tanzee Designs today and I had such a lovely day!

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Colourful Finds

posted: Tuesday, 18th June 2019

The joy of tidying up... I've finally found the bead sets I put in a 'safe place' over a year ago and promptly lost!

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Yellow Opal Crystal Diamonds Continues

posted: Monday, 17th June 2019

I'm still working on my new Crystal Diamonds bracelet using Yellow Opal 2 x AB Bicones and cannot stop stopping my beading to admire these crystals - I need more of these and all other Yellow Opal variants in my life.

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