The Joy Of Big Beads

posted: Thursday, 24th September 2020

The joy of demonstrating with big beads!

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17 New Delica Colours

posted: Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

17 new colours of Miyuki Duracoat Delicas (with matching size 11 seed beads on the way) - yes please!

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Warm Colour Scheme

posted: Monday, 21st September 2020

I have a new colour scheme in progress and I've gone for pink, purple, champagne gold and aquas... can't wait to see how they look together...The beads I used were:

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Return To Summer

posted: Sunday, 20th September 2020

It was blazing hot today so we took the opportunity to get out, wander the woods and enjoy the sun before it disappears for who knows how long.

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Narrowing Down Autumnal Colour Choices

posted: Friday, 18th September 2020

I've finally narrowed down the colours for my latest project variation from the selection that I showed the other day.

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Acts Of Optimism

posted: Wednesday, 16th September 2020

How to Academy always organise fascinating events and today my evening starts with me listening to Julia Cameron (author of 'The Artist's Way') and Elizabeth Gilbert (author of 'Eat, Pray, Love') whilst pickling tiny green tomatoes and realising both are acts of optimism which feels really good.

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Autumnal Colours

posted: Monday, 14th September 2020

I'm using a new colour scheme to bead some variations for the Winter 2020 Secret Beadalong and am liking how they're working so far.

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Virtual Candlelight Class

posted: Sunday, 13th September 2020

I was excited to be a beading student on Zoom for the first time but was naughty and forgot to choose my beads in advance... oops.

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Virtual Learning

posted: Saturday, 12th September 2020

The best thing to come out of 2020 is the rise of online events for those who can access them.

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Beading Mystery

posted: Friday, 11th September 2020

I love a good mystery and every now & then I get one as suddenly, from out of the blue, a certain pattern, kit or supply will have a flurry of sales.

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