Christmas 2018 Secret Beadalong

If you want a peek at what the project was then you can find photos on my blog here or on the Secret Beadalong Facebook page (you don't need any account to view it)

Thought the Christmas 2018 Secret Beadalong is over it's never too late to bead the piece at your own pace!

If you want to add some excitement, anticipation, secrecy, community and fun to your beading then this is the perfect project for you.

The Beadalong is designed to be done over 12 or 24 days (starting on December 1st 2018) with a little bit of beadwork done each day. But as always the full instructions will be sent out early (In November) if you want to bead it all at once but you can of course bead it at any time you desire.

The project is different this year as the schedule is designed with different speeds & amounts of beading each day so you can finish the piece early or even move onto beading a separate piece you'll also receive instructions for...

Also this year, to keep it lighter for everyone, there is no preparation work!

This year the Beadalong is only available as a pattern to allow you to choose your favourite colours (I will be sending colour advice with the requirements list) and I have pared down the requirements list (which you'll be sent in October) so you can use what is in your stash or have an excuse to visit your favourite bead store.

As soon as you sign-up you'll automatically be sent your confirmation email and then the other emails will follow on after that (the first needs me to activate it so there may be a small delay due to sleep/ time zones etc! If you want them sent to a different email address than what was used to purchase the pattern then just contact me to let me know).

This project is intermediate and you need to be comfortable with peyote stitch. The instructions you'll be sent won't have a photo of the finished item as it's a complete surprise...

The beading required is about 15-60 minutes each day (depending on the speed you choose and if you want to do 2 ornaments) but the instructions tell you when you can jump ahead etc to help you better able fit it into your schedule.

This pattern is available at a 33% discount to my Newsletter subscribers (please enter the code from my newsletter)


You can also find my other Beadalongs here:



I love to support and encourage individuals who make beadwork so please feel free to use anything you make from these instructions or kit as gifts or to sell to support your bead buying habit!

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