Winter 2021 Secret Beadalong Written Instructions

The 'beading-along-together' part of the Beadalong is now over but this will always be available as a pattern and most people bead it after that time so never worry it's too late to dive in!
If you want a peek at what was made you can visit the Secret Beadalong Facebook page

This year the Beadalong also has the option of signing-up for a video & written version rather than just this written version.
If you purchase this one it will be just written instructions so if you want the videos as well then please visit here

This is not an instant download but you will be added to the email list within 48 hours of purchasing

It's time for another Secret Beadalong!

As always the finished project is a secret but I can tell you it's both an ornament and a piece of jewellery... and something else... (the Winter Beadalongs are never Christmas or religious themed, they're suitable to hang or wear all year round for everyone).

This year, as always, there are multiple variations and you get to mix-and-match the beads you use to create something with as much (or as little) sparkle as you want... stay tuned for more information in the requirements file...

The Winter 2021 Beadalong is designed to be beaded over 24 days but as always you can bead it as and when you desire (many people bead them years later so don't worry about not joining in to the 'beading-along-together' part during that time)

Each day will take around 20-90 minutes beading to complete.

The project is intermediate upwards (you will need knowledge of Peyote Stitch and be comfortable working with small beads) and has brand new components and design ideas perfect to offer something new to any more advanced beaders.

The full requirements list will be sent out when you sign-up but here is a sneak peek at some of the items you may use:

  • 27mm Swarovski Crown Stone #1201
  • 4mm Swarovski Bicones (optional)
  • Size 11 Cylinder beads (e.g. Delicas or Aikos)
  • Size 15 Miyuki seed beads
  • Beading needle and thread of choice

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You can follow the progress of the beadalong on my Secret Beadalong Facebook page and there you can also see some of what has been beaded during previous Beadalongs.


You can also find my other Beadalongs here:



I love to support and encourage individuals who make beadwork so please feel free to use anything you make from these instructions or kit as gifts or to sell to support your bead buying habit!

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