National Beading Week 2016 - Day 6

posted: Thursday, 04 August 2016

It's Day 6 of National Beading Week and once again I have another busy beading day with a return visit to the UFO beading event Penny Akester organised in London.

My Summer 2016 Secret Beadalong is still going strong and now the stash of 15 beaded beads are done it's time to move onto the rope...

I had such good beading intentions and had planned to spend the evening making a repeat of day 6 of the but brought the wrong beads with me - doh.

But the highlight of the day was visiting St John Smithfield restaurant and having a wonderful skate, fennel & green sauce salad followed by the most amazing Eccles cake & Lancashire cheese. I always thought I loved Eccles cakes but having had this one I realise now that all others were lies & frauds.