Most recent publications first:

Crosio project (April 20120 issue of the Beadworkers Guild Journal)

  • Bead quantities for Small Crosio - this should be 430 x 2mm Pearls
  • When linking together the components in a Small Crosio if you feel there is too much space in them, and the wooden bead shows too much, then you can stitch an extra Pearl into some, or all, of the spaces

Jua project (April 2019 issue of the Beadworkers Guild Journal)

  • Step 11 - You must circle through the A bead in the bezel rather than thread back through it
  • Steps 14-15 - You must only add the Bicone embellishments to sit under the A beads of the previous Bicone embellishments so alternate Steps 14 and 15
  • Step 16 - Don't add 2 x A between each pair of A beads along the edge but only between the first 2 pairs of A beads
  • Step 18 - You need to repeat Steps 16-17 to fill the gaps between pairs of A beads AND the spaces between the Bicones
  • Step 19 - The diagram for this is on the next page
  • Step 19 - This extra bead is not added if making a 'Full Sun' variation
  • Step 21 - If you're adding a loop of beads the loop must begin and end in the edge A bead and if you want to link your Jua pieces together it must be a minimum of 8 x A (which is what I used)
  • Step 24 - When beginning all the rows of Brick Stitch you must circle through the first 2 to straighten them as in Step 22
  • Step 24 - When you have added the single A bead you must then continue threading diagonally through 3 more A beads (so 4 in total) so you end up in the original 'Base Row' (the line of A beads which sit under the second row of Bicones, and all the A beads Ladder Stitched between them) and then thread through the next A in the Base Row so that you exit the first A bead which is in the pair of A beads after the next Bicone
  • Step 26 - Ignore the words about the extra Ladder Stitched bead as this was in Step 19

Rivoli Beadwork - 2019

  • Page 13 - Subtitle should read 'Covering the Back'
  • Page 109 - the Cylinder colour is #753 and not #735

Geometric Beadwork Volume 2 (first print edition) - 2014

  • Page 119- Lotus Necklace. Step 18 should read "Repeat Steps 12-16..." not "Repeat Steps 11-16"
  • Page 23- Bezelling a 20mm flatback stone. Step 1 should read "pick up 48 C beads" not "pick up 42 seed beads"

Small Beads, Big Jewellery - 2014

  • Page 76- Fabulous Flat Bracelet. Step 4- should read 'pick up five seed beads, one small pearl and five seed beads', omitting the one large pearl at the beginning of the step
  • Page 14- Ralph The Rat. Step 7, Row 13. Remove the repeated words after 'Repeat from * five times'

Geometric Tulip (December 2012 issue of Perlen Poesie)

  • Step 1- Make sure you only pick up 5 units - not 6 as shown in the diagrams
  • Step 5 - This should read "Repeat Steps 2-4"

Heroine Necklace(June/July 2012 issue of Beadwork magazine)

  • Interweave have published a series of corrections to the magazine here