Geometric Beadwork Volume 2 (first print edition)

  • Page 119- Lotus Necklace. Step 18 should read "Repeat Steps 12-16..." not "Repeat Steps 11-16"
  • Page 23- Bezelling a 20mm flatback stone. Step 1 should read "pick up 48 C beads" not "pick up 42 seed beads"

Small Beads, Big Jewellery

  • Page 76- Fabulous Flat Bracelet. Step 4- should read 'pick up five seed beads, one small pearl and five seed beads', omitting the one large pearl at the beginning of the step
  • Page 14- Ralph The Rat. Step 7, Row 13. Remove the repeated words after 'Repeat from * five times'

Rivoli Beadwork

  • Page 13 - Subtitle should read 'Covering the Back'