National Beading Week 2016 - Day 5

posted: Wednesday, 03 August 2016

It's Day 5 of National Beading Week and once again I have another busy beading day.

My Summer 2016 Secret Beadalong is still going strong and today a touch of sparkle, in the form of bicone crystals, was added to the beaded bead mix.

As always you can follow the progress of the beadalong on my Secret Beadalong Facebook page.

This evening, as part of National Beading Week I took part in a 3-hour long question & answer session on the Beadworkers Guild's Facebook page and you can see it all here and here.

For the Q&A session I had a special tidy-up and shot 2 videos tours of my working spaces, which if you're interested you can see here and here.