Peyote Bobbles Sketch For Original Necklace page 1

This was my first attempt at putting down on paper what I'd done- this was probably the first time that I'd done this and as you can see I wasn't happy with the results!

Trying to describe what you've made so that others can understand it- whether it's with words or diagrams- is often hard. What I mean by a phrase may be entirely different from what you understand that phrase to mean.

My preferred method of teaching is always hands on- I feel that nothing beats being shown something right in front of you- some people are great at learning just from words but many people struggle with it. Just as I often struggle with finding the right words!

I also find it hard to remember exactly how I made something unless I write it all down as I go. As I'm endlessly lazy and have a problem with writing by hand I really struggled with this and moved on to using a Dictaphone. But a problem I found was that either I pick it up and press record whenever I want to capture something, a pain when you're already using two hands to hold your work, or I'd suffer the seemingly endless silences when trying to type up what I'd said. Let's not even mention the awful feeling when you realise you've mistakenly taped over something! The purchase last year of a digital voice activated Dictaphone was one of my best ever!

You can see how much I was struggling with the whole 'try and work out what I did and put it in a diagram' thing here.