Peyote Bobbles Second Sample Set

Those thoughts I'd had about it not beading a flower anymore led me to create this sample and you can see already the idea has changed dramatically from the first sample.

By adding in larger beads with each row, instead of increasing the number of beads, the proportion of the piece has changed.

As I was beading this I realised that if I simply reversed the steps, the piece would decrease and ‘turn the corner' so that although I was just beading a peyote rope, it would resemble a beaded bead.

Once I realised it had turned more into a bead I had the idea that maybe I could now do without the rope. I beaded a couple of these as individual beads but unfortunately they didn't survive the test of time and I suspect they're living happily down the back of a sofa or under a floorboard somewhere!

By now I was sick of beading with circular peyote and this was as far as I went with the idea for a few months apart from scribbling down some ideas for how these could be used.