Peyote Bobbles Beaded Beads In Progress

Whilst writing the ‘Developing Peyote Bobbles' article that was published in the September 2004 issue of the Beadworkers Guild journal, I realised that my original beaded bead samples were missing.

But as I also needed to do some ‘action' shots for the article, I re-beaded some and took photos as I went along. So here you can see some being beading on my beading mat. One obviously thing to notice is that although they are individual beaded beads I have beaded them from a peyote rope start. This is simply because I found it easier to bead them when I had something to hold on to. These few rows of peyote stitch are removed afterwards and the thread end woven into the piece.

You can see the finished beads, as well as some others and a whole new development here.