Slanted Bracelet From Rivoli Beadwork

posted: Tuesday, 19 March 2019

I always love combining geometric beadwork with sparkle and over the past decade have done lots of experimenting in how to turn round Rivolis into triangles and was pleased to share the technique and multiple projects in my book Rivoli Beadwork.

This 'Slanted Bracelet' is one example and I really like the combination of the green Rivolis and gold beads (every project in the book tells you the number & make of every bead used so you can easily replicate it). This is just one of the many projects in the book and you can get your copy through this link.

The book is huge with 167 pages of new & original sparkling projects & techniques covering a wide range of styles and finished pieces.

You can buy the book in physical or digital versions as you prefer and I look forward to seeing what you make from it.