Wheat Sheaves

posted: Friday, 30 November 2018

Today's projects from Rivoli Beadwork are these 'Wheat Sheaves'.

They're a colourful & textured range of pendants/ brooches which combine 14mm Rivolis with seed beads and SuperDuos. The book fully steps out the 3 versions shown here and other variations are also described (and I've been delighted to have already seen some of the variations beaded as earrings!).

The name of the project is due to the pattern the SuperDuos make when rounds of them are added into previous rounds. I think this is such an appealing shape and pattern that I wanted the projects to take advantage of that and the name to pay tribute to it.

These work up quickly and so are perfect to make as treats for yourself or a gifts.

I thought long and hard when working on the book about adding a 'Shaped Beads' chapter as I know many people are feeling overwhelmed by the ridiculously huge range of them now available and the fact that all the beading magazines seem to have dropped seed bead projects in favour of shaped beads ones which seem to blur into each other. This overwhelming feeling and the paralysis of choice with the abundance of them is having such a bad effect on both beaders and bead shops and I didn't want to add to that.

As much as I like some of the new shapes I personally am not interested in investing in lots of different tubes of different shapes just to use a sprinkle of each of them for a project and then have no need for the rest. I have enough of that with my seed bead stash without adding to it!

So, I thought long and hard as I didn't want to contribute to turning people off from beading, or give readers a big amount of projects that they just wouldn't want to do. I also spoke to a lot of beaders who were worried about me using shaped beads and looked to seeing what it as that put them off and if there were specific concerns I could address.

In the end I came to a decision I was happy with, that took into consideration all the concerns I came across, and that I hope adds to the book as using shaped beads is a great way to add colour & texture - and to speed your beading up!

My decision was to include the chapter and projects that met certain criteria:

  • The entire range of projects was only going to use 2 different shapes (SuperDuos and Crescents)
  • No project used more than 1 shape at a time
  • Each project only used what you can easily get from one tube (except of course if you want to use lots of different colours)
  • I only used shapes that have either been around for a few years now or that I think will stay around for years to come so they shouldn't sit gathering dust in your bead boxes

So, if you were put off by the idea of using shaped beads with your seed beads, I hope that seeing the projects I put in the book will tempt you into dipping your toes into this new beading world...

Keep an eye on the blog as over the next few weeks I'll be sharing lots more projects and you'll get to see the shaped bead projects which I hope you'll agree were worth including.