Bicone Bezels And Borough Market

posted: Thursday, 29 November 2018

Today's project from Rivoli Beadwork are these Bicone Bezels.

These are quick to bead and add extra sparkle to your Rivolis with the addition of crystal bicones (how many you add depends on which of the multiple variations the book contains).

You an make one for yourself or a present and add to the collection every time you get the urge or have a new present-giving occasion...

I again sneaked out today but this time it was less of a cultural day and instead all about food & drink - heaven!

We headed to Borough Market where we spent hours wandering & laughing as we tried all manner of food & drink from raclette to cheese aged in wine. From Mexican delicacies to seaweed gin and from fresh from the oven biscotti to raw beef in tuna sauce.