Third Rivoli Beadwork Proof

posted: Thursday, 22 November 2018

The 3rd and final proof copies of my new book have arrived and the race is on to check it all through ready to launch very soon...

The way the book is being published means that I won't be sending them out but instead when you order a copy one will be printed just for you and shipped to you immediately.
That means that there won't be any delays when I'm travelling, and orders won't be subject to the vagaries of international postage.
It also means that it is easier for bead & book shops to stock it (and you can see the stockists here) so you can see it in person before you buy it if you wish.

Unfortunately behind the scenes it means me doing a lot of head-on-desk--banging as the automatic software used for it all doesn't understand that sometimes I want a picture to go off the edge of a page.
Then the human vetting is very subjective with, for example, margins being absolutely OK for months, and then suddenly rejected even though its the exact same one that has been used all along and is the same as in the 2 other books that are now printed this way (Geometric Beadwork and Geometric Beadwork Volume 2).

So a lot of deep-breathing, trying to think calm thoughts and being optimistic that eventually I'll crack the code that gets it all to print is happening... wish me luck!