Geometric Beadwork Volume 2

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If you enjoyed my book Geometric Beadwork then this second volume in the series is the perfect next step.

This book contains over 29 brand new projects covering all aspects of geometric beading as well as 3 of my Designer of the Year projects (plus brand new variations on them!)

This 128 page book is crammed full of geometric beadwork, techniques and projects to delight and inspire.

Featuring over 300 diagrams and photos, and with bracelets, necklaces, chains, brooches, pendants and more there is something for everyone.

The book begins with the basics of geometric beadwork before moving onto design & inspiration considerations then then separating into 4 different chapters: Triangles, Squares, and 'The Maths'.

In addition to full page photos, so you can see all the detail, every project has:

  • The quantity, size (and where relevant the colour number) of beads you will need
  • The techniques needed (every technique needed is shown in detail at the start of the book or relevant chapter)
  • Detailed step-by-step instruction using a mix of text, diagrams and photos
  • My favourite feature: 'In a nutshell'. This distils each project down to its essential steps meaning you can read that and dive right in if you're more experienced

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