Christmas Eve 2015

posted: Thursday, 24 December 2015

After a crazy start to the day it was full steam ahead until I went to bed tonight.

Once we had all our food packed away it was time to grab a few minutes beading to finish my Secret Christmas Beadalong and hang it proudly on the tree and then begin preparing all the food.

I recently bought this cookbook & food set and as soon as I began turning its pages I knew we just had to have a big Persian feast for dinner tonight. Cue havoc as I used every pan, bowl, scales and utensil I own but when we sat down late tonight it was worth it (fortunately they were all out at the panto when I was cooking so didn't see the utter chaos I had created whilst they were gone and I think I manage to fake the 'completely relaxed and not at all frazzled' host look).

Amongst other things we dined on Lamb Biryani, Borek, Feta & Pistachio dip, Spiced Squid, Persian Herb Frittata, Persian Smoked Aubergine, Cacik and tomato & walnut salad drizzled with lots of lovely pomegranate molasses. All washed down with litres of Mulled Wine, which may not have been very Persian but it was much appreciated.

It's love to have my parents, sisters & their families here with us for the first time and here's to a couple more days of good food & good company!