All Angles Considered

posted: Sunday, 23rd May 2021

Another day and another lovely beading class (yesterday was 'All Angles').

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So Many UFOs

posted: Saturday, 22nd May 2021

20+ years of beading means I have many, many bags & boxes like this one full of small samples and unfinished projects (or even finished ones which have somehow worked their way in there).

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Rain Clouds

posted: Friday, 21st May 2021

All the rain we've been having recently here in London got me thinking about these rain drop necklaces & earrings I originally made nearly a decade ago (yikes!) and have returned to a few times since.

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Adorned Herringbone Experiments

posted: Thursday, 20th May 2021

I love experimenting with any possible way to add crystal bicones into my beadwork as I love the pop of colour, sparkle & texture they add.

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Class Aftermath

posted: Wednesday, 19th May 2021

I love the colourful results after teaching a virtual class!

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Sharing Photos

posted: Monday, 17th May 2021

I love when anyone shares a photo with me of work they've done from one of my classes, videos, patterns or kits etc as not only does it spur me on to create new projects and inspires me with ideas (and colours schemes!) but it also adds some beading, colour & sparkle to my day, so thank you all.

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A Big Thank You

posted: Monday, 10th May 2021

Thanks to everyone who did a class with me this past Thursday-Sunday.

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Big Bead Experiments

posted: Sunday, 9th May 2021

Teaching & playing with big beads can lead to new project ideas...

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Summer 2021 Secret Beadalong Launches Today

posted: Wednesday, 5th May 2021

Can you believe it's time to launch a new Secret Beadalong already!?!!

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The Summer 2021 Secret Beadalong Launch Creeps Closer

posted: Sunday, 2nd May 2021

Only a few days until the Summer 2021 Secret Beadalong launches!

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