Honeycomb Beadwork Beaded Bead Sample

Now that I had the idea of making 3d shapes I began by beading three motifs, then added a fourth that I joined to both the last one beaded and the first one beaded to form a ring.

I realised that I could add a fifth motif that would be joined to all the previous ones and would turn the piece into a cup shape. I did this and then wondered if this would work as a beaded bead.

However, I knew the work was far too flimsy to hold its own shape and needed something inside it to give it substance. So off I went to my local bead shop to look for wooden beads.

They only had one size and of course I'd forgotten to bring my sample with me so I had to take a chance and buy some to try out at home. By the time I'd got home I couldn't find my five-sided sample at all so had to start from scratch and take a chance, fortunately some one must have like me that day as all the ingredients came together and the idea worked!

Instructions for this series are contained within my Honeycomb Beadwork instructions.