My Beading Year 2021 - Day 7

posted: Sunday, 10 January 2021

The theme for Day 7 of #MyBeadingYear is 'My beading plans & hopes for 2021'.

I always start each new year with set projects I have to bead (2 new Beadalongs and at least 5 new classes each year plus any patterns & kits I have planned) so I mostly want to get those done and stay on top of everything.

But this year I also really want to tackle my piles & piles of 'unreleased' projects.

Next month I'll have been beading for 20 years which means a lot of UFOs... Not all of them are worthy of being a project but I would say there's at least 30 which just need some work done to them and I'd love to carve out some time this year to move them from those piles and out into the World.

Out of that 30 there are some which are still just samples (and so need the finished piece making & instructions written) but the majority of them are beaded (so just need writing up such as these Adorned Rick-Racks which have sat around for nearly 3 years and these bangles & beaded beads which are a good 5 years old).
There are even some which are all beaded & written up but I just haven't had a chance to release them or proof-read the instructions etc before launching.

Then there's at least 6 kits which I have all the bits for but I haven't had a chance to launch... hopefully 2021 is the year I make some inroads into all of that...

You can see what other people are posting about their plans at MyBeadingYear on Instagram.