My Beading Year 2021 - Day 6

posted: Saturday, 09 January 2021

Today's theme for #MyBeadingYear is 'What I learnt about beads, beading or myself through my beading in 2020'.

This was a tricky one for me to put into writing as 2020 was a very tough year for us all and behind the scenes I was going through a lot of health issues which have constantly threatened to derail my beading & beading life but, to keep it short, keeping my beading plans, classes & Beadalongs going taught me how resilient, resourceful and determined I can be, even if that means running a Beadalong from an emergency hospital bed.

My beading also mean I had to learn A LOT of new technology this year to deal with virtual classes, new photography and video filming & editing and, as a complete technophobe, that was terrifying to me but I'm so proud I did it all.

Sadly I also confirmed that my creativity deserts me completely at times of stress and when I need it most.
This is something I know I need to work on as being creative & beading provides comfort & joy to me but it's been very interesting how much this has been a common theme from other people posting about MyBeadingYear on Instagram or in emails to me so I know I'm not alone.