My Beading Year 2021 - Day 2

posted: Tuesday, 05 January 2021

Today's theme for #MyBeadingYear is 'What I beaded in 2020'.

2020 was certainly a weird old year!

I started it full of inspiration and beading like mad but come March (and the lockdown) that came to a complete standstill as, like many people, I lost all motivation & creativity and became absorbed with watching the news & worrying.

But the advent of virtual classes and spending time with beaders & talking about beading etc helped me get out of my head and back on track, and soon I was beading again (which was good as I had deadlines to meet!).

I've not done as much as I'd like but going through photos today to see some of what I had beaded has shown me I did still get a lot done l, and it is all work I'm really proud of so it was really good to look back and reflect on what I did achieve rather than worry about the things I didn't.

This photo shows some of what I made and includes classes for 2021-22 (Crystal Ribbons, Sheba, Stallur & Mostra) plus some of the pieces from the Summer & Winter 2020 Secret Beadalongs, a colourful BeJewels I finished and also my 'More Crystal Cages' ornament which uses 20 Rivolis and was on my 'to-bead-list' for a good 5 years so glad to finish it finally!