Virtual Classes

posted: Saturday, 25 April 2020

I'm loving virtual classes!

Tonight I taught my Quadrat Box class (via Zoom) to people in California, Boston, Colorado and Germany all at the same time and we got to bead together and learn with friends.

The virtual classes are allowing us to overcome physical barriers and embrace a new way of learning & teaching.

I was wary at first until I knew that students would get at least the level of learning they do at a physical class and I have been delighted that you get that.. and more... from a virtual class.
You have me on-hand to do demonstrations, answer questions, and even check your beadwork, and you don't have to worry about viewing demonstrations from strange angles or missing anything I say or any top tips - everyone gets to see and hear everything.

All you need to do a virtual class is a device which will let you download the zoom app such as a computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet (such as an iPad).
You don't need a camera if you don't want to be visible, you'll just be able to see me on your screen and I have 2 separate cameras so you can see me talking and also see me doing demonstrations.

I've now got lots of future classes coming up and the links to them are below (or you can see all my classes here by date or here by venue- just scroll down to 'virtual' and below to see the virtual ones)

Please note that classes are different prices through different venues and I encourage you to support your local or favourite bead shop if they are hosting one as they can give you added support in buying beads, putting together colour palettes etc and doing this also helps to ensure they are there for us to visit them again in the future.

Quadrat Box

MidMod Pots




I will hopefully be adding extra classes soon so do check back regularly or contact me if there is something in particular you would like to do.

These photos are some of what was beaded in tonight's class.
Clockwise from top left: components of a Quadrat Box from Irene Landaw, Lisa Mitchell and Corinne Loomer, then a Quadrat Box in progress and 2 new colourways from Kandra Norsigian