Making Colour Choices

posted: Sunday, 19 May 2019

My Hugs & Kisses kit just launched online 2 days ago and already 2 colours have sold out and 2 are about to...(but don't worry I do plan to restock them at some point in the future so you can contact me to be told when and have even added another colour today (Rose Gold & Gold seed beads)).

Selling online versus in person is very interesting and I'm eternally fascinated by the differences and what appeals in different situations.

In person the best-selling ones (hands-down) were the greens, and especially Peridot & Champagne Gold (even though there was no sample beaded in those colours). But online the photos of the 'softer' and lighter green mustn't stand out as it's the slowest selling.

I know from my personality experience I shop very differently online than I do in person, and it makes me wonder what one I would choose if I was just seeing them online. I know that in person, when all the colours turned up, I immediately snagged a Peridot one for myself!

Sadly the reality is that I don't have the time to bead up samples in every colour as I already have to bead somewhere between 25-100 things each year (it varies wildly depending on whether I'm working on a book and how close I am to the deadline for that book) and there's only so many hours a week my hands will cooperate with beading.
Then there's the financial cost of all those beads used for samples, and how much time and money I can spend on each project as I'm already beading items for patterns and classes in 2021.

So, if ever you don't see something beaded in each and every colour it's not because I don't want, I wish I had the time to make everything in every colour scheme I can imagine it in!