Gates And Beadalong

posted: Friday, 07 December 2018

I'm down at StitchnCraft again today to teach my Gates Class and it's a real treat to see Rivoli Beadwork for sale in an actual shop.

The book has been doing amazingly well and within 48 hours was in the top 10 on and for beading & jewellery books which is especially good as Amazon's algorithms & tags seem to be crazy and I'm competing again books on bread, rock bands and even Viagra!

And, despite Amazon selling over 600,000,000 items the book even managed to hit the top 15,000 items sold which is just astounding for a niche self-published book so thank you to everyone who has bought it.

Annoyingly it also makes for craziness as fraudulent sellers leap on it and pretend they have copies to sell so do check my list of stockists to see who genuinely has copies for sale.

It was a lovely class today and as always it was great to see all the different colours used come to life in the beginnings of finished pieces.

I had a long journey home but it meant I got all caught-up with the Christmas 2018 Secret Beadalong.