Torquay 2013 Day 2

posted: Friday, 16 August 2013

I'm still in Torquay, still loving all the colour schemes I'm seeing and still not clever enough to remember to take photos during the class apart from one.

This piece of beadwork was beaded by a student who has Synesthesia and who always uses great colour schemes. She explained to me that to her words and letters have colours. How much of an impact this has on her colour choice is hard to say as she may be an expert at picking great colour schemes without it.

The design is from Geometric Beadwork and she's used much better colours than I did!

Also during class I got to see the wonderful work of Jenny Argyle who sells instructions for her work on Etsy. Today she wore her Swirl Pearl in a Net necklace which was amazing in real life and I've bought the pattern to make one for myself. (Incidentally she's having a sale on her Soutache In Bloom instructions where if you buy that you get any other pattern for free so take advantage of the offer before it runs out at midnight on the 1st September).

After class it was a mad dash back to London before immediately turning around to head to France for a few days to see my parents. On the train ride on the way back I was pleased to see the Westbury While Horse in all his glory.