Torquay 2013 Day 1

posted: Thursday, 15 August 2013

I'm back down to very sunny Torquay to spend 2 days with the lovely beaders who come to classes at Beads For Beauty. This is such a lovely place to visit, both as a teacher and a student. Fabulous people, a great classroom with lots of life, gorgeous surroundings and homemade cake- what more could anyone want?!

It's always lovely to catch up with other beaders and see what they've been doing and whilst here I got to see lots of the wonderful work Jal White has been doing from Geometric Beadwork. Her use of colour is astounding. She does ombre like nothing I've ever seen before. If you like ombre (the blending from one colour into another) then check out Google Images for lots of inspirational ideas. I love this look but am always worried about not doing it right so tend to use clashing colours instead. But Jal's pieces are convinced me to give it another go.

I was so busy being inspired by what everyone was making that I completely forgot to take photos of what was made in class- very annoying as there were some amazing colour schemes happening.

Instead here are some photos of my view as I walked to class this morning including scenes of the recent cliff collapse.