Kate McKinnon

posted: Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I have long been a fan of Kate McKinnon and was delighted to briefly meet her and see her work in person back in 2006.

Ever since, I have read her blog, followed her work, bought her books and we have built up an online relationship bonding over our love of experimentation and Nymo.

When Kate contacted me a while ago to say she would be briefly in London I immediately blocked out my diary and planned trips. Fortunately Kate is every bit as easy-going as I had hoped and when we met today, on a rare sunny day in London, we were content to wander and explore.

We began in Bloomsbury and then made our way to The Last Tuesday Society (which Kate had read about on my previous blog) where we spent a long time exploring every nook and cranny.

From there we walked for miles through East London, along canals and through markets, until we ended up at Brick Lane where we dined and chatted until it was time to wend our ways home walking through Spitalfields and admiring the shops and street art as we went. You can learn more about the goat here.

I grew up visiting this area every Sunday so it's great to pop back now and then and see the changes and difference.

Tomorrow we'll be more touristy and hopefully the sunny weather will keep up for a bit longer!