Lockets Part Two

posted: Monday, 29 November 2010

It seems my idea for using resin to add beads into my locket isn't going to work.

Well, not without me buying new resin and a new UV lamp, none of which would be here in time, so I had to come up with a new idea.

The next best option seems to be to instead use polymer clay to add decoration.

But as I spent all of the day (well, 12 hours of it until 1am) updating my blog and editing photos, time is running out for me to finish this and I am starting to panic.

Fortunately I remembered that I have some lovely sheets of clay already made from when I took a class with Christine Dumont back in September.

The colours in the sheets are lovely- gold, red and teal, and I thought they would look nice inside.

So I lovingly laid some of each sheet into the locket making sure it was all nice and neat (sorry about the blurry photo) and baked the whole thing.


Despite using an oven thermometer, and baking it at the correct temperature, the clay really darkened whilst curing and the end result was that the red and teal disappeared. All that was left was dark brown inside the locket- not the exciting interior I had aimed for.

Sorry about the lack of photo- I was too annoyed to document it at 2am!

So I managed to remove the clay with a sharp knife and a bit of elbow grease and decided to sleep on the whole thing knowing that I had to post it the next day.