More Beautiful France

posted: Thursday, 23 October 2008

I have stayed on in France for a few days after my class to recover and enjoy some of my beautiful surroundings a bit more before I return to london.

The area of Northern France I visit is very beautiful and I have managed to fit in a few walks as well as a few nice meals! The one pictured is the cheese plate I had at the Abbey De Valloires. I ordered exactly the same thing 2 days before and it was completely different- the only thing the same was the cheese- the rest depended on what was fresh that they had picked that day- a great way to eat.

Whilst at the Abbey I browsed their bookshop and was delighted to find what seemed to be the perfect book for me to commemerate my trip with- an English version of 'The geometry of the golden section' by Robert Vincent. Though now I've tried to read it I'm not so sure it would have made much difference whether I bought it in English or French! I bought it as it mentions the 'platonic solids' which I learnt all about watching the first episode of the BBC series 'The story of maths' and reflects some of the shapes I have been beading in my geometric series of work.