Exotic Travels?

posted: Tuesday, 26 August 2008

So I'm on my travels looking at Datura, banana and kiwi plants, so where am I? Northern France of course!

Correction: Thanks to Susan Kunze I now know the plants aren't Datura but are Brugmansia (think pendulous rather than erect- well that's what Wikipedia says!)

I'm here on a working holiday (thank goodness for parents who emigrate and let their children have free accomodation!) and in between writing pages for my new book, finishing off the next issue of Bead, planning my classes for next year and writing class handouts I have even managed to fit in some beading and sightseeing.

I'm working on a pair of earrings inspired by a greetings card designed by The Strawberry Card Company. You can see them in progress on my bead mat in the photo, along with the card itself.

I've managed to fit in a trip to Abbeville as well as my usual trip to Hesdin- this time I even braved having a Steak Tartare- which I will definitely indulge in again.
We also visited a motorway service station- much more exciting than it sounds! The station at the Baie De Somme is beautiful and a great stop-off. There are ponds with ducks and ducklings, large carp and a tower you can climb to appreciate the fantastic views across the flat landscape.  You can see another view of it here. I was upset I forgot to take my camera with me- not good planning.

I have added most of my 2009 classes to my website and as you can see, they will mainly be taking place in Kentish Town now. The main reason for this is that it's a much nicer venue- lots more room and light- and it also has a kitchen so we can have tea and coffee all day. The other reason is price. Although the costs of my rooms here have doubled, at my previous venue they have tripled, which would mean charging even higher prices for the classes; which I didn't want to do.

I have had lots of requests for various beading classes, but unfortunately I do not generally get enough interest in these classes in time to run them. I have to cancel my rooms over 6 weeks before the class date- if I don't want to pay the full fee- and what usually happens is I have no interest and cancel the class, and then am inundated with people saying they wanted to do the class. So the rule is: if you see a class you're interested in, book a place or at least let me know- it's too late telling me when it's cancelled!

Next year I will also be teaching at The Great British Bead Show and running 5 different courses at Earnley Concourse - check back later in the year for more details and dates.