Wire and Bead Centrepiece Series

This series is the first one I have done that is wirework based.

The original idea came about when I realised that once again I, like many beaders, had bought another beautiful focal bead that I had no idea what to do with!

I didn't want to overpower it with other beads or beadwork and I didn't want to surround it with lots of wire and not much colour. I also wanted a quick result that could be changed if I didn't like it or wanted to alter the piece it was used in.

After a lot of thinking, designing, experimenting and playing with wire I knew I wanted to make a piece using wrapped loops and have the option to hang other beads, charms etc from it to add more colour.

I also wanted to keep it simple and only use one piece of wire. Added to this I wanted a way of ensuring I could replicate the technique with any sized or shapes bead without having to experiment or waste wire- a tall order!

Again, out came the wire, tape measure, pen and paper and this centrepiece was born.

I realised that by taking certain measurements and deciding on placement of loops before you start you can accurately cut your wire, place your loops, and make your wraps to get a great finished result.

To check that the instructions worked no matter what bead you used and that it also looked good I came up with other designs using it.

The full instructions and formula can be found on the ‘Step by Step Wire' website or downloaded from my website here.