Virtual Zoom Beading Class - Sheba - Group One

This class is currently unscheduled. To schedule this class for your venue, please contact me.

This class is for morning UK/ Europe and evening Southern Hemisphere. If you would prefer a evening UK/ Europe and daytime North America you can find that here as a 2-session class or here as a 1-day class

-This is a 2-session (each 3 hours including a break) virtual Zoom beading class which will be run via the Zoom app and if you'd like to attend you will need will need to have a device audio (i.e. an iPad, iPhone or other smart phone, laptop or desktop computer) and have downloaded the Zoom app in advance of the class (the app is free and you don't need an account to attend).
-Full details & requirements will be sent out to you once you have registered and you will also need to be able to print the instructions or have them printed near you (or have another screen you can view them on.
-Please note that virtual classes are just like in-person ones, it is your responsibility to be able to attend, but if you have any questions just contact me
-Please note that as instructions are sent out when you book refunds or swapping to a different class is not possible
- Please note that class bookings are per person and if you would like multiple people to join they each need to book a place

Sheba is the name of a legendary Queen who travelled with immense treasures, and is also the Sesotho word for 'look' so these ornate & intricate beaded components, based on eye motifs could only be called one thing… Sheba.

This advanced class unites Peyote Stitch & geometric beading techniques with Swarovski pearls & small seed beads (size 15s) to create some unique beaded, and reversible, components which can be combined to result in incredible finished pieces of jewellery.

Whether you want to make earrings & pendants, or a full ornate necklace, this class (which includes online videos you can watch any time) will cover all the skills & knowledge you need to bead your own treasures.

A full requirements list will be sent when you book but the general requirements are:

  • 14mm Swarovski coin pearls #5860 and 2mm Swarovski round pearls #5810 (or similar. I sell pearl sets here and please order ASAP allow plenty of time for them to arrive with you
  • Size 11 Cylinder beads e.g. Delicas, Aikos or Treasures
  • Size 15 Miyuki seed beads
  • Beading needle & thread of choice (I recommend a flexible thread)

These classes run on Thursday 12th and 19th October 2023 for 3 hours (with a 15-minute break) each class and will begin at these times:

  • UK & Ireland- 8am
  • Central Europe (e.g. Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands) - 9am
  • Singapore (SGT) - 3pm
  • Australian Western Time (AWST) - 3pm
  • Australian Central Time (ACST) - 3:45pm
  • Australian Eastern Time (AEST) - 6pm
  • New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) - 6pm
  • You can check your time zone here for class 1 and here for class 2