Rivoli Medals Materials Pack

This kit is now sold out. Instead you can purchase my Rivoli Collection and the neck wires separately.

This necklace from my book Small Beads, Big Jewellery has been hugely popular but gathering all the rivolis needed can be a challenge so I'm offering a limited-supply materials pack that includes 25 rivolis and a gold or silver-plated neck wire.

All you need to do is add your own seed and cylinder beads (i.e. Delicas or Aikos) and a copy of the book, do some beading and soon you'll have your own dazzling interchangeable necklace!

The 25 x 14mm rivolis are in a complete mix of colours and finishes and though the necklace uses 23 rivolis I'm including a couple extra so you can do some extra interchanging.

The pack contains:

  • 25 x 14mm Swarovski crystal rivolis in a mix of colours and finishes
  • 1 gold or silver-plated adjustable neck wire that can be used for other necklaces (one end unscrews so you can slide the beadwork on and off) and it can be bent to fit all neck sizes and shapes
  • All packaged in a luxury jewellery box that can be used to hold the necklace once finished

The price of this pack includes postage worldwide.