Love Heart Bangles

These versatile Peyote Stitch bangles are designed with love in mind!

I offer this project for free as part of my project releasing beading & jewellery making instructions based on the theme of love.

These instructions will be free and I encourage you to make & share them with those you love. I also encourage you to use them to raise money for causes which spread love and caring for everyone.

This complete step-by-step tutorial contains all the instructions, photos and diagrams you will need to make your own Love Heart Bangles.

All tutorials contain full instructions and tips as well as check lists for all tools, materials and techniques needed to help you shop and plan.

The materials needed are a mix of 2 of the following beads:

  • Size 11 Delica beads
  • Size 15 Miyuki seed beads
  • Size 11 Miyuki seed beads
  • Size 8 Miyuki seed beads
  • Needle and flexible thread of choice

I love to support and encourage individuals who make beadwork so please feel free to use anything you make from these instructions or kit as gifts or to sell to support your bead buying habit!

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