Geometric 1-9-1 Crystal Sets

These Crystal sets are very limited with most colour options limited to just 1 set. Adding the items to your shopping cart does not secure them, they are not your until you check-out and pay.
if you're unable to add a set to your cart it means it has sold-out

A chance to grab a very-limited crystal set to make a reversible Geometric 1-9-1 necklace.

Each set comes with 1 x 30mm and 1 x 20mm Swarovski #2035 in a jewellery box and the price includes postage world-wide.

The options (the 30mm is listed first) are:

  • Bermuda Blue (an after-market coating) and Jet
  • Golden Shadow (unfoiled) and Jet
  • Golden Shadow (unfoiled) and Aquamarine
  • Golden Shadow (unfoiled) and Black Diamond
  • Golden Shadow (unfoiled) and Crystal
  • Golden Shadow (unfoiled) and Golden Shadow
  • Golden Shadown (unfoiled) and Peridot (after-market coating) (both 30mm)
  • Jet and Aquamarine
  • Jet and Red Magma
  • Peridot and Jet