Furtive Fowl Kit

Please note that this kit is sold out but the pattern is available here.

Learn how to create your own embellished beautiful bird with a secret- for within its embellished body is a measuring tape perfect for adding to your beading or sewing kit.

This kit contains all the beads, fabric, beading surface and supplies needed to create your personal beautiful bird.

The 16-page pattern included (which will be printed out in full-colour in your kit and also available to you as an instant digital download when you purchase) contains full step-by-step instructions, photos and diagrams to learn basic bead embroidery stitches (plus ways to add extras such as sequins & buttons and how to edge or fringe) and then the full instructions on how to create the finished piece as well as the necessary templates.

Each kit contains:

  • Enough beads (seed and different shapes also) to create the finished item plus plenty more to experiment with plus sequins for extra sparkle!
  • My favourite beading surface
  • Ultra Suede
  • Felt
  • Measuring tape
  • Beading thread and needles
  • A full-colour bound 16 page booklet
  • All packaged in a storage box which doubles as a portable beading tray and includes a bead mat- you can begin beading immediately!

Each kit is entirely individual and I not only include items in the main colour you have chosen but also complimentary and contrasting colours so you can really play around and have fun!

The price of the kit includes postage worldwide.

I love to support and encourage individuals who make beadwork so please feel free to use anything you make from these instructions as gifts or to sell to support your bead buying habit!