Stained Glass Course - Day 1

posted: Thursday, 28 April 2022

I headed off to Bristol yesterday to do a 2-day Stained Glass course at Creative Glass Guild and today is Day 1.

I've been wanting to do this course for years and am so excited now that I finally can. I love learning new things and though I've cut glass and done soldering before I've never done this so am raring to go... even if very nervous as I'm an anxious student who worries a lot about getting things right and getting it done on time...

We hit the ground running with learning all about the tools & technique and then got to choosing our design and glass.

Next up was diving in and cutting the glass (you have to be extremely precise) and this was a lot more physical than I remembered!

But lots of practising and experimenting and soon I was getting in the swing of it and by the end of class I had all my bits cut out and began to be assembled.

But by then I'd played around with colours and wasn't sure I was happy with one of them any more...