Summer 2021 Secret Beadalong Day 2

posted: Sunday, 25 July 2021

The Summer 2021 Secret Beadalong began yesterday and whilst my beading is already behind I'm loving getting to see all the wonderful photos being shared by others taking part and here are some of them with their wonderful colours (thank you Jayne Johnson, Marj Denton, Lori Wishart Finney, Jennifer Cooper, Becky Partridge, Mehtap Ucar Spafford, Wen Butler, Damaris Bodza, and Janine Heruday for these great photos of what you beaded on Day 1).

Of course the Beadalongs never stop so you don't have to take part in the 'beading-along-together-part' but can bead the project at any time.
If you haven't signed-up yet then this year you have the option of just written instructions or videos & written instructions.
You can find them by visiting here:
- Videos & written instruction
- written instructions

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