My Beading Year 2021 - Day 8

posted: Saturday, 01 May 2021

The prompt for day 8 of #MyBeadingYear is 'How my beading plans are going' and I have to say that 2021 has been... busy...

It feels like the year is flying along so quickly, and I'm chasing my tail trying to keep up, but looking through photos to write this post really made me realise just how much I had accomplished in these 4 months.

My beading life encompasses my working life and is entwined through everything I do, so whilst I've not done as much actual beading as I'd like I've been very busy doing beading-related things:

  • Ran #MyBeadingYear on Facebook & Instagram which generated over 300 posts from 60+ beaders around the World and got my year off to a positive, emotional & inspiring start!
  • I was also good and managed to post for each of the #MyBeadingYear themes so far (not always on time of course)
  • Taught 30+ virtual classes, gave multiple online talks and ran lots of private, or small group, beading sessions for beaders who are isolated or struggle with group classes etc
  • Launched 4 new patterns (Ligilo, Lisa, Crosio & Ochrana)
  • Navigated my business through the nightmares of BREXIT and the Swarovski situation (both sadly still ongoing)
  • Tested multiple old projects to see if they work with Preciosa crystals (all ok so far.. phew!)
  • Beaded lots of new variations of current & future classes
  • Beaded & wrote instructions for the Summer 2021 Secret Beadalong (also began filming the videos for it)
  • Beaded Winter 2021 Secret Beadalong project...
  • Devised 6 other brand-new projects (one has been planned for 15+ years...) and began working on their instructions & extra variations etc
  • Had a big tidy-up/ clear out of projects & UFOs
  • Wrote 45+ blog posts and took over 3,000 photos
  • Decorated & reconfigured my teaching & videoing room
  • Worked behind the scenes of the Bead Sparks beading retreat

And I'm sure there are a million things on top of that which I just can't remember