Winter 2020 Secret Beadalong - Day 24

posted: Thursday, 24 December 2020

It's Day 24 of the Winter 2020 Secret Beadalong and today it all comes together!

This year the project was a pendant/ ornament made of 2 different components and there were 3 options for each one (Plain, Sparkly or Ornate) so lots of different combinations available to be beaded.
The piece has a beaded chain and also an optional display/ storage stand which holds the main piece and the chain (or multiple chains) inside.

The instructions also cover beading variations such as bracelets, cubes and earrings.

New people start the different Beadalongs each day so if you haven't signed-up yet don't worry, it's never too late to join and you don't have to bead-along with everyone, you can bead these even years later.

If you haven't yet signed-up then you have 2 options this year: full written instructions here OR 50+ videos with those same written instructions.