Summer 2020 Secret Beadalong - Day 9

posted: Sunday, 02 August 2020

It's Day 9 of the Summer 2020 Secret Beadalong and today's the day when all the work comes together into a finished piece.

This year the project is a necklace with 2 reversible pendants which can be threaded straight onto the rope or hung on the 'Pendant Hanger' for an extra sparkling look. The rope can also be worn by itself and the beaded fastening allows you to wear them all at different lengths as desired.

Just as with every other Beadalong I do, just because the 'beading-along-together' dates have passed doesn't mean the project isn't available for you. Those which are patterns are always available to purchase and to find them you can visit my Patterns Page and filter by 'beadalong' or 'secret beading'.


This year the Beadalong instructions are available as either just written or written with videos.

If you sign-up to my newsletter you get a discount code which will give you 50% off the written instructions or 33% of the video ones.

You can see what others are beading on the Secret Beadalong Facebook page (you don't need an account to view it).