May Bonus Newsletter

posted: Thursday, 21 May 2020

I've been teaching lots of virtual classes and it's been wonderful to see all the amazing colourful work appear all around the World - a real treat.

Some of what has been produced recently is shown here.

My latest newsletter went out today and here are the links it contained:

  • Dearest is an amazing email which comes out roughly every month and is usually focused on jewellery but she also features other interesting artefacts. This always gets me going down internet paths I never even knew existed as I search for more examples of what she writes about. This comes with a warning that you may find all your spare time rapidly disappearing!
  • Ever wondered what goes on in Museums behind the scenes? This interesting article answers some questions
  • Atlas Obscura are running some amazing Wonders From Home
  • The Victoria & Albert Museum's blog is full of intriguing articles and it's interesting to watch them document and preserve history in real time
  • Their YouTube channel is also a treasure trove of videos and allows us to visit some of their exhibitions virtually
  • Print Club London have begun Q&As with artists documenting their work during isolation. The first one is with Rosie Stallard
  • Studi Ghibli allowed a rare tour around their museum
  • The Guardian recently ran an interesting article on food substitutes If you're struggling to get specific ingredients - and the comments are also a mine of information!
  • This website is daily updating what theatre productions you can watch online for free