Virtual Silma Class

posted: Saturday, 02 May 2020

Every virtual class I teach I learn more about the technology and how great it can make the lesson.

Yesterday the sharing of photos of what people were doing meant we could 'ooh and ahh' over colours as we would do in person- always one of the highlights of a class.

Virtual classes have opened the world up for me, and for many students, with people from around the world able to be in one class and people who wouldn't be able to attend for many different physical & caring responsibilities reasons getting the learn, bead & socialise with others beaders- always a good thing.

I've now got lots of future classes coming up and the links to them are below (or you can see all my classes here by date or here by venue- just scroll down to 'virtual' and below to see the virtual ones)

Please note that classes are different prices through different venues and I encourage you to support your local or favourite bead shop if they are hosting one as they can give you added support in buying beads, putting together colour palettes etc and doing this also helps to ensure they are there for us to visit them again in the future.

Here's some of what was beaded in today's Silma class with credits to the beader - From left to right:
Top row- Laura Silverman, Dianna Beaver Stokotolney, Amy Butzen
Middle row- Lisa Harrison
Bottom row- Nancy Graver, Susan Marie Meli, Corinne Loomer, Lisa Ellison

I have some more Silma classes coming up soon:

I will hopefully be adding extra classes soon so do check back regularly or contact me if there is something in particular you would like to do.