Life Under Lockdown

posted: Saturday, 18 April 2020

Ever since we began 'lock down' here in the UK (nearly 4 weeks ago) life has irrevocably changed for myself and many others.

The death toll continues to rise, governments continue to be (at best) incompetent, uncaring & unaccountable and it is killing their citizens. This is the same as it was before lock down, but now we have this new virus to contend with and the results are instantaneous and publicised rather than slow and hidden from sight.

Some people are terrified, and care, and stay inside.
Others are blasé and don't care and so are out & about not worrying that if they get sick or make anyone else unwell it could lead to their death, or the death of a medical professional who is risking their life to care for them.
Others have to work and travel to do so for the sake of their families & homes (and often to make sure our lives run smoothly) full of terror for themselves and their loved ones, yet are being criticised for this by people lucky enough not to have to, but who are taking advantage of their work.
Idiots continue to share fake news or spout off about conspiracies with not a care in the World about the damage they do.
You'd think something like this would bring out the best in people but instead it just seems to magnify their true personality.

I'm lucky enough to be staying in but am working harder than ever before.
I usually work 80+ hour weeks but I'm now at 110+ as beading deadlines have to be met, events & classes have to be cancelled leading to days of emails back & forth as new dates are put in but knowing that these too many have to be cancelled.
In addition the postal service all around the world has gone awry and so I have many, many emails a day from worried customers.
Plus I have now taken on teaching lots of virtual classes for myself and for shops who are worried about their future and surviving through this. But I am very lucky to be in the position to continue working, have enough food, a safe place to live and to be as healthy as I can be at this time.

I went for a ten-mile cycle ride the other day all around the local streets, which I never would under usual circumstances as there would be far too much traffic, and it was lovely to be out & about and feel the sun and wind but also disturbing how empty the streets were, apart from the long, long lines of people queuing to enter food shops.

I came home, made myself a pineapple jalapeno margarita, sat in the sun and contemplated the World and wondered would would happen next in this strange limbo land we now live in.