Waiting For Spring

posted: Sunday, 23 February 2020

All the recent storms in the UK have left my local park like a swamp and whilst this tree-lined path looks tempting I know that 2 steps in I'd be up to my ankles in water.

Some of the daffodils have survived the recent storms and I'm taking that as a good sign that lighter & better days are coming.

This week has been tough with a return home from my lovely, sunny, trip but then being hit with the quinfecta of SAD, depression, exhaustion, jetlag & a weird allergic reaction to some mosquito bites has wiped me out physically & mentally so this week has been very much sleep-focused.

Add in the bad weather outside hardly encouraging you to leave the house if you don't have to, especially when compared to the lunchtime walks I was enjoying just a few days ago.

But these home-grown oranges & Meyer lemons given to me by a dear friend before I left California are giving me a much-needed colour & vitamin C injection. Neither have ever tasted better.

So if you're struggling as well then look for signs of sunshine & joy in the world such as these daffodils and know that if they can survive the storms so can we.