Christmas 2019

posted: Wednesday, 25 December 2019

It's Christmas day and the perfect time for more Secret Beadalong reveals and this time it's the Single-Sided versions and I love these!
These will sit on my tree and then be worn all year around as they work as both ornaments and pendants.

Although the 'beading-along-together' part finishes today the pattern never expires, and the project never finishes with most people joining in and beading them now so never worry about being behind. There's no time-limit on beading and many people start them years later so you can dive-on in whenever works for you!

You can also see how these look my my tree by clicking through the beadalong highlights on my Instagram page here.

Today was also the perfect day to watch Frozen, drink some champagne and get on with some work beading whilst waiting for the dinner to cook.