Winter 2019 Secret Beadalong - Day 18

posted: Wednesday, 18 December 2019

It's Day 18 of the Winter 2019 Secret Beadalong and it's all happening today!

Day 18 means I had to make a decision about what crystal to use in my single-sided piece and instead of the Majestic Blue I had originally planned for a went Purple Haze because as soon as I put it with the Army Green Chatons they just sang together. Army Green has lots of pinks & oranges in it so this was a perfect match. Now just to decide what large crystal goes in the double-sided piece with the Yellow Opal Chatons...

As always you can keep up with what colours other people are using by visiting the Secret Beadalong Facebook page.

I'm a big fan of the incredible ceramic work of Tristan Lathey and when I saw his photo of the beautiful whale ornaments he'd made I couldn't resist buying one and it arrived today and is even lovelier than I'd hopd for.