Winter 2019 Secret Beadalong - Day 16

posted: Monday, 16 December 2019

It's Day 16 of the Winter 2019 Secret Beadalong and just like that the single-sided piece reaches the end of one part of its journey.

I still have 5 Chatons to bezel for the 2 versions of this project but I'm starting to feel an end is in sight.

You can keep up with what colours other people are using by visiting the Secret Beadalong Facebook page.

I had a trip out for lunch with a friend today and despite all the amazing food places from around the World we have in London he wanted to go to... a fish & chips place.
I have walked past this restaurant so, so many times over the past 30+ years and each time it is packed, but seemingly packed with tourists which is a worrying sign.
It gets fab reviews online... but all of them seem to be from tourists and mainly from people who were having their first fish & chips.
So I didn't have high expectations...but I was wrong!
The food was great and it was the best fish & chips I've had and the place was heaving both with tourists and locals and I now can't wait to go back.