Christmas 2019 Secret Beadalong Requirements Are Ready

posted: Tuesday, 08 October 2019

I'm so excited!

The very full & very detailed requirements sheets (all 5-pages!) for the Christmas 2019 Secret Beadalong were sent out today and already colour schemes of what people are planning on using have begun to appear on the Secret Beadalong Facebook page.

If 5-pages sounds scary then I promise you it's not that bad. It's just that, as anyone beading it won't know what they're making, I like to include lots of extra details about where the different beads sit, and what beads are used near each other, as well as lots of information on useful websites to help you choose colours schemes. Plus this year there are again multiple options for what you bead so I wanted to make sure I gave as much detail as possible... all without giving away any secrets...